Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Harry seems to have gotten over his cold, no fever, but his appetite is still diminished. The doctors took him off IV meds, and also agreed to remove the NG tube at least for the day. We are hoping to do the same tomorrow, he's much more comfortable without it. He did very well in all his therapies today, Sarah said he was riding a big wheel around rehab this morning and loving it. His movement and speech have improved as well, he's much less hesitant when speaking. He just seems alot more himself, all in all. He will need to drink more liquids in order to have the feeding tube removed completely. We move out of Ronald McDonald house tomorrow morning, their rules, and could check back in in two days time. I think we'll probably just sleep in his room and save the money. Sarah and I will be trading time down here as Mom K. leaves for N.C. on Thursday. Hopefully with his progress, and no more illnesses, we might not have to do it for too much longer, and maybe can come home some time in March, we will see.

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