Monday, February 23, 2009

You can see from the photos, Harry got a visit from Ben and Elsa, which he really loved. We got a mat put in his room and he's finally strong enough to move around and play on it with his cars, etc. He is getting better at transitioning from positions, ie. standing to kneeling, lying down to crawling. And he's much happier being able to do things, and play, as we all would be. He also is getting better at walking without much support, he was walking in the lobby yesterday while I was only holding his hand, just amazing. He walks like he's drunk, but at least he's walking. Now that he's feeling better, he's continually asking to go home, which is his normal after surgery, so that's a good sign, hard to deal with, but a good sign. We are still looking at a March 17 discharge date, so in the mean time we are making use of the 101 freeway, and babysitters, and hoping we can get him home sooner.

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  1. Good to read that Harry is getting better and may be coming home soon. Best wishes, we are all pulling for you guys!