Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hi all
Harry had a great day today. He took a barium swallow test yesterday and was okayed for clear liquids. No more gel in his water and poweraid. During one of our several visits to the gift shop, "toy store", Harry had to have some popcorn. He ate it fine and loved it. It also turned out to be a great way to get him to drink more fluids. Our goal for removal of the NG tube is 40oz, which seems a bit much for a 4 yr old. When the occupational therapist heard about the popcorn, she wanted to see him eat it. She immediately took him off the "mechanical soft" diet he's been on for weeks and tonight he was able to eat pizza for the first time since the surgery. And more popcorn of course. We are truly getting back to the old Harry. He is sitting upright without support, and during physical therapy today he was walking with a walker and our help. His favorite activity is riding the bike, a modified tricycle, which he runs around the rehab area on, and talking about it the rest of the time. The therapists have all been amazed with his progress in the last week, as have we. His speech and motor skills continue to improve as well and he seems more like himself every day. We are all pretty tired now but relieved and happy at his continual progress.

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  1. Hi All. This is Grommy, David, Jamie, and Maggie's grandma from Alexander, NY. I sent your blog on to my praying friends so they could read the good news and see the wonderful pictures. My minister was also delighted to see Harry on the bike and eating popcorn. We have all been so blessed by this. Harry, Keep up the good work and I will see you next time I visit the Eglins. Love you, Grommy