Monday, March 2, 2009

Harry is doing well, he had a visit home yesterday on a 12 hour pass. I'm sorry we didn't notify everyone, but I knew we'd be short on time. I rented a car big enough to fit his wheelchair, and we took off as soon as he got his meds. We made it back to SB just in time to stop at my church for coffee hour and surprised the heck out of everyone. He was really happy to see his church friends again. Then we were off to a benefit luncheon at Sarah's church. They raised a whopping $3000 for his account, we were stunned! He had a lot of fun seeing Ben and Elsa again, and playing in their play yard. Near the end of lunch he was getting tired, and by the time we got home he was exhausted. He ended up sleeping for the rest of his time at home, before Grandma Denise drove him back to the hospital. He was not too happy about the return trip. So, Sarah and I will actually be able to hang out tomorrow. Looking forward to it.
Last night, he got out of his bed in order to go over to the bathroom. He didn't make the walk all the way, and fell, and now they want someone at the hospital over night. So we will have to go check out of McDonald House and are really hoping for an early discharge now. Staying at the hospital is no good. However, the rehab team will reassess Harry on Tuesday, and I'm sure we'll hear if they decide to discharge earlier. That is all for now

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