Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hi all. Harry has made some improvements. With grandma's encouragement, he's now getting on and off the toilet, and his bed, by himself. And his motor skills seem to be improving. The rehab doctor has said he is hyperflexing his knees and they would like to see that fixed before he leaves, rather than send him home with leg braces. We had hoped we might get an early discharge with his improvements, but March 17 is still the date. That's going to make next weekends quire of voyces concerts and rehearsals really interesting. Ah well. Also, Harry got out of bed Sunday night and fell, and now we need to stay in the hospital with him. Not such a good nights sleep, yet another reason we were hoping to get out of here earlier. At any rate, he is charging along. We may be back for another Sunday visit this weekend, we'll see...

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