Monday, March 23, 2009

hi all, Harry is very much enjoying being home. He and Elsa are fighting like cats and dogs, so things are slowly getting back to 'normal'. Harry has appointments with the county, CCS, cardiologist, and pediatrics this week and next. We hope to get him started on all his therapies in early April, it does take quite a while. In the mean time, he has his own version of therapy, trying to take on his usual routine of helping make breakfast, climbing on the furniture, building with legos, and basically being a kid, no small feat for him. We had a little scare with a bad cough this week, but it turns out it was just a cold, what a relief. I think we've had enough of the health care system for a while. Now time to get on the phone with our HMO, yay. At any rate, things are gradually settling down and we are very happy to all be home.

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