Thursday, March 12, 2009

I cannot believe that we are actually coming home tomorrow. It's a bit like hearing that your plane is actually taking off after several delays. Staying at the hospital is a lot like sleeping in an airport. At any rate, we are all glad to be coming home, and see a close to this portion of Harrys care. The therapies, medicine, equipment, etc at home we can handle, we've had plenty of practice. But we will not miss the hospital experience. So will he need any more procedures? We hope not. At most, if his heart function improves, he will have an angiogram in which they will tie off the fenestration that is allowing a pressure release in his heart right now. If not, he may stay the way he is. So for the time being, we will work on getting him started with all his therapies in Santa Barbara at CCS, getting him an aide so he can go back to school, go back to work, and try to be a little more normal. Once again we are so grateful for all your help during this incredibly trying time. The support we have seen from our friends, family, church and co-workers has been overwhelming.

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